In 2019 I purchased a new addition to the shop- a Laguna 4ft. x 4 ft. computerized (CNC) router table.  It will cut wood signs, acrylic signs, foamboard, aluminum, brass, copper and other materials.  It can also engrave metal for nametags, signs, nameplates, trophies, awards, part identification, serial number tags, etc.  I can now make metal signs with wood backings, plastic signs on wood backings, metal signs on plastic and so forth.   I will try and add new pictures to this page as I get more and more projects with it.  If you have an idea that could use the router table, feel free to email me.

This is the table with the modified steel tubing cutting table.  It can cut 2D and 3D parts and has a 48" x 48" cutting area. 

The table with the controller.  The machine runs Vectric VCarve software for all the CNC programming which is very user friendly. 

I built a cyclone exhaust system for the router table to extract the sawdust and chips.  This is the aluminum fan. 

This is the completed unit.  It was mounted on a 55 gal. drum outside the shop. 

This was a Montana silhouette with an elk design cut in 3/4" pine and clear coated. 

I built a router bit caddy.  The machine will import all types of text fonts, can drill precise holes and can do artwork as well as industrial cutting.  The numbers were routered in about 1/8" and then painted blue. 

This is 3/8" acrylic cut from the backside on the router.  It leaves a smooth front surface for easy cleaning.  I then cut a baseplate that the sign sets in.   Courtesy-EXIT Realty, Stevensville, Montana.

The router can also be fitted with end mills that can cut aluminum.  The green/black part is aluminum.  I then cut a pine wood backing and attached the metal top to the wood for a 3D style sign.

Some 1/2" acrylic cut that was chamfered around the edge to give the sign a frosty look.

This is a design I traced from a photograph and converted to a CAD file.  The red lines will be cut completely through by waterjet, the black lines will be engraved by the CNC Router.

A sample plaque was made in aluminum to check feeds and speeds for the engraving.  There is over 26 feet (312") of engraving to do per plaque!

20 of these stainless plaques were then cut, engraved, and clear coated for a customer in California. 


I cut this metal sign and can now add the wood backing (as shown) by cutting it out on the router table. 


I made nameplates for the bank tellers at First Security Bank (Corvallis, MT) on the router table with some 3/8" clear acrylic plastic. 

Another acrylic nameplate.  Courtesy- Payne West Insurance, Stevensville, MT.

The router can also cut foam.  This piece holds tooling for an industrial device inside a plastic case.  

With the right bit, foam can be cut on the router and be cut all the way through (as shown) or to a specified depth-depending on the computer program. 
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